The Oregon Scholastic Art Awards

At the spring board meeting in 2014,  the board of the Oregon Art Education Association unanimously passed the support and funding of the creation of a non-profit organization, Little Bird Arts. Little Bird Arts is an official non-profit organization that abides by the National and State regulations regarding non-profit organizations. In partnership with the Oregon Art Education Association, Little Bird Arts manages and operates the Oregon Scholastic Art Awards. 

Little Bird Arts has an independent board of directors that include movers and shakers in the arts community. The board is responsible for all aspects of the non-profit including but not limited to, organizational, financial, administrative and programming. 

Little Bird Arts Board of Directors

Kat Hendrix - President

Kavin Buck - Vice President

Reba Sundberg - Treasurer 

Kathy Mitchell - Secretary

Susan Shayegi - representing the Central Oregon Region

Jordan Burt

Catherine Johnston - representing the Willamette Valley Region

Susan Parker

Becky Haas

​Shannon McBride

Anne McKinney

Each student artist is unique.  In our state student artists have the opportunity to participate, exhibit and celebrate their work in their community.  The Oregon Scholastic Art Awards honors the uniqueness not only of each student, but each region.  Currently, there are three 'mini' regions in Oregon where student art is celebrated. The Portland Metro Scholastic Art Awards, the Central Oregon Scholastic Art Awards and the Willamette Valley Scholastic Art Awards.  Are you an art teacher, community organization, museum, or gallery that is interested in hosting a regional Scholastic Art Awards ceremony and exhibition? Please contact us to see how you can join the Oregon Scholastic family and create regional opportunities in your area, for student artists.

Little Bird Arts

Little Bird Arts, provides opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication and celebration of the region's

K-12 student artists.

Little Bird Arts works in partnership with the Oregon Art Education Association to run the Oregon Scholastic Art Awards.

We believe in every student artist.  we believe in the power of the arts to change lives. we believe in providing opportunities for student artists in our region to celebrate their creative talents!